Water paradise on our campsites

Superb bathing complexes

In recent years, our campsites have taken the plunge when it comes to swimming pools. No other type of holiday establishment can compete in this area.

Hotels and other tourist accommodation complexes can go back to the locker room and get dressed. When it comes to swimming and all the leisure activities that go with it, camping is still the champion. Swimming pools only began to appear on our campsites in the sixties, shyly at first, yet in 2013, well over 40% of French campsites have their own swimming pool. And increasingly, we’re talking about superb bathing complexes… some are as big as 7000 m² with several pools, a wave pool, spiral slides, water games areas for children, Jacuzzis and indoor pools!

Campsites have understood that holidaymakers’ favourite outdoor activities are those that take place by the water. In some cases, the bathing area has become the main attraction on the campsite, with a plethora of activities organised around it.

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