Brittain, paradise between land and ocean

Discover Brittain’s history

Brittain, a land of culture !

Discover Brittain’s history

Enjoy your stay in your campsite in Brittain to observe the history of the area through its remains. From prehistorical megaliths to tracks of the former Empire, let Brittain tells you its own history.

In Neolithic, men stood megaliths up as a tribute to dead people. You can see the tracks of theses megaliths in Carnac,in Saint-Just or even Barnenez, in Morlaix’bay.


Follow the prints of Celtic people from your campsite by visiting remains, fortified villages and their former money, a real treasure exposed in Brittain Museum in Rennes. Follow the druids and other legends in the heart of Monts d’Arrée or other famous forests such as Brocéliande.Follow roman people footprints with all ways and lanes they established in Brittain.  


After Roman age, let’s talk about brittain people whose retreat places in Mont Tombe, which will become Mont-Saint-Michel, episcopal cities are still there such as  Saint-Brieuc, Saint-Malo…Middle age will also leave its own prints. Besides  legend of King Arthur and the knights of round table, discover all the fortified castles oft he area which are the result of many arguments between ducs during the hundred Years‘ War. Visit the fortresses along the coast, Suscinio’s path, drawbridges of Cap-Frehel or even the close city of Concarneau.


Brittain, then, will know a wealthy period with international trade thanks to the Atlantic Ocean. Admire fishing marinas, first stoned-hotels or even Renaissances’s houses.You can also discover Rohan’s castle, houses of Locronan, one of the most beautiful villanges in France. Come to visit the Chouans‘ village during Revolution.


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